Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inaugural Post (June 10, 2015)

For the last few years I have been teaching a course entitled "Behavioral Economics and Policy." For most class meetings, two articles constitute the assigned readings. (They are a different two articles every class meeting, you see, as the students complained when it was the same two articles, day after day after day.) My practice is to post bullet-point summaries of the articles on our course website after each class. The idea behind this blog is that it will become a repository of those summaries, along with other behavioral economics material, perhaps.

I must warn any readers who stumble upon these outlines that they are not actually faithful summaries of the original articles. Most material is omitted altogether, and sometimes a bullet point or two reflect more of a commentary than a summary. If you want to really learn what the articles say, you should go to the articles themselves, of course. (I try to link to the articles, though sometimes I will link to an earlier version that is publicly available.) I should mention also that I try to put everything in my own words as I prepare a bullet-point outline, but I can't rule out that in some cases, some quotes or near-quotes may have slipped in accidentally, without quotation marks. As you from crimes would pardoned be,/Let your indulgence set me free. Oops, I forgot the quote marks there.

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