Tuesday, July 26, 2016

William Shakespeare, Behavioral Economist: Composite Post

I thought it might be worthwhile to provide a guide to the slew of Shakespeare posts that have found their way to Behavioral Economics Outlines in recent days... so here goes:

WS, Behavioral Economist, Introductory Post

WS on Status-Quo Bias and Loss Aversion

WS on Loss Aversion as a Goad to Action

WS on Being Risk-Loving in the Loss Domain

WS on Present Bias and Hyperbolic Discounting

WS on Hot States and Cold States (I)

WS on Hot States and Cold States (II)

WS on Hot States and Cold States (III)

WS on Hot States and Cold States (IV)

WS on Self-Control in the Face of Temptation

WS on Our Ignorance of the Mapping Between Actions and Consequences

WS on the Hedonic Treadmill

WS on Our Inability to Predict What Will Make Us Happy

WS on Happiness and the Easterlin Paradox

WS on Cue Management

WS on the Trophy Effect, or the Endowment Effect, or Hot States and Cold States

WS on Women Who Suspect that it is in their Long-Term Interest to Play Coy, But…

WS on Delaying Consumption, or Savouring

WS on the Endowment Effect

WS on Habit Formation and Addiction

WS on Visceral Factors and Their Underestimation

WS on Fighting Visceral Factors With Visceral Factors

WS on Signaling Commitment

WS on Recognizing Ego Depletion in Ourselves and Others

WS on Choosing a Reference Point

WS on Information Avoidance

I did mention that there were a slew of Shakespeare posts, no? I hope to add to the slew in the future. The Shakespeare quotes that appear in this slew o' posts generally are drawn from Open Source Shakespeare.

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